Are you offering complicated or many-faceted products or services? We have developed an innovative user experience approach and market-leading technology to guide website visitors to submit more qualified sales inquiries. As a product or service provider, you will benefit from:

  • More sales leads (especially from current non-customers)
  • Better lead conversion rates (higher probability of visitors becoming customers)
  • Cherry-picking the most promising leads (at a finer level of granularity than was possible in the past)
  • Increased basket values (easier up-selling because of better understanding of individual customers)
  • Pricing power (through better knowledge of visitors’ desires)
  • Economy (reduced need for and cost of advertising and lead generation)

These immediate economic benefits are complemented by longer term benefits:

  • Better information (planning ahead better than with current, notoriously unreliable demand predictions – avoiding spikes in production and unnecessary inventories in the spirit of a lean solution); psychologically speaking, reduced fear of costly mistakes
  • Better reputation (even those followed leads that don’t result in a sale right now don’t damage the provider’s reputation because the offer was explicitly requested by the seeker rather than being perceived as an unwelcome advertisement)

Xohana technology makes it easier for you to get precisely those customers you are already best equipped to serve. And even if you have no suitable product yet, you benefit through:

  • Discovering new market opportunities (using the identified underserved wants for product innovation)
  • Reduced uncertainty (developing products for broadly proven demand rather than extrapolation from limited samples)
  • Economy (substantially reduced market research costs)

In both cases – successful matches and identification of gaps in the market – you get valuable market data and analysis.

User interface example screenshot: